Japan teamed up with Nokia in preparation for something big for 6G technology

5G technology has brought big changes in the field of Internet and IOT and in the coming days Indian consumers are also going to witness it. 5G may have come a little late in India, but in many countries of the world, this technology has become obsolete and now they have moved towards the next generation of mobile. In this episode, taking a big step in the field of 6G technology, Japan has joined hands with the Finland company Nokia. With this agreement, Japan has taken a big leap in the path of getting 6G standards before China.

First of all, let us tell you that 6G technology is being said to be so powerful that to get it, there is some kind of competition among the powerful nations of the world as if no internet technology but a new weapon is being made. Of course, 6G is not going to be limited to faster internet but will present new examples of work through national security and satellite connections as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Billion rupees deal for 6G technology

According to a report by NikkeiAsia, Finland's telecom equipment maker Nokia and Japan's Telecom Group have partnered for 6G network development. This joint effort of both the countries will mainly work for research and development for the sixth generation of telecommunications technology i.e. 6G. Let us tell you that before this, there has been a big partnership of US $ 4.5 billion between Japan and the US which will work on the development of 6G communication technology. Efforts are being made to commercialize 6G technology by 2030.

Power of 6G

6G will not only bring faster internet but it will bring much wider technology. 6G will not only make mobile phones but also make common life advance and fast. VR and AR will come to the fore as an important part of normal routine and along with communication there will be a big revolution in the field of intelligence and IOT i.e. Internet of Things. It can also be believed that after the arrival of 6G, the trend of robots can also be made public. Just as smart home appliances such as fridges, lights, fans, CCTV, speakers, etc., are becoming a part of the home today, apart from smartphones and smart TVs, 6G technology can also make robots a part of normal life.